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04 January 2010 @ 02:27 am
.:The Legend of Sun Knight Info:.  
Hi there! :)
So you're probably wondering...

What is "The Legend of Sun Knight?"

Well THAT is the main purpose of this journal entry!!

` Character descriptions!
` Official Arts!
` Preview of the novel!

Legend of Sun Knight Fan Club on deviantart!!

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"The Legend of Sun Knight" is an on-going light novel series,
written by a popular writer in Taiwan, 御我 ( Yu-Wo )
Which is also the original writer of the manhua (manga)
"1/2 Prince" which is also a fantasy/romance/comedy!!

* This is her blog--> [link] ( Its in Chinese though@@" )

There are six chapters of the book already, and these are the visual covers!
* By the artist 亞砂 ( asuna ) her blog--> [link]

Vol 1. Sun Knight & Judge Knight & Pink the necromancer

Vol 2. Hell Knight

Vol 3. Sun Knight in Hell Knight ver.

Vol 4. Ice Knight & Sun Knight & Blaze Knight

Vol 5. Previous Sun Knight & current Judge Knight

Vol 6. Sun Knight w/ white hair & Hell Knight



* OFFICIAL image for some preference! @@"
(you can always click on the image to enlarge!)


`The Hemich, In short, the warm and nice people group:

*Grecius Creus, The Holy/Saint Knight of Sun, the leader of the 12 knights, particularly the Hemich group. A walking billboard of the light temple. He always has a dazzling smile and merciful personality that always forgives everyone.

*His true self: The exact opposite to the above description.

*Ceo Tempest, The Holy/Saint Knight of Storm, has the power to determine action without restrain. A flirt that always has a women by his side.

*His true self: Might die from being a workaholic. Although is known to be a playboy, but there's never been a women crying to him pregnant...

*Irmer Ceres/Keres, The Holy/Saint Knight of Leaf, only four word's to describe, "He's a good person".

*His true self: Still a good person... Kinda.

*Georgo Tyron, The Holy/Saint Knight of Earth, has a very sincere and honest personality. Known to be the best friend of Sun Knight.

*His true self: A bad person that deceives women's feelings!! ( and everyone )

*Deimos Nephel, The Holy/Saint Knight of Cloud, adrift by nature, he's presence is like a cloud. Most likely can be found reading a book in a bay window, rooftop, or under a tree.

*His true self: Autistic child.

*Jaqes Hephaetus, The Holy/Saint Knight of Blaze, has a very bad temper, outspoken. He worship's sun knight.

*His true self: Likewise.


` The cold blooded group:

*Lance Termis, The Holy/Saint Knight of Judge, the leader of the cold blooded group in the 12 knights. A very serious knight who gives trial, and punishes the criminal/sinners.

*His true self: Like a big brother that you can always lean on. Very close with Sun knight ( even though traditionally they are supposed to hate each other )

*Ichlan Izot, The Holy/Saint Knight of Ice, has a very cold personality and always has a poker-face.

*His true self: A good 'house wife' type, also excels at making pastries.

*Vaier Artemis, The Holy/Saint Knight of Moon, very narcissistic and arrogant, always has a very supercilious look.

*His true self: The relationship with his girlfriend is very important!

*Luca/Luke Egon, The Holy/Saint Knight of Metal, Know to be mean and uses provocative words. Rumors said that once you spoke to him in more than ten minutes, you will be so angry that your life will be shorten in one year. ( lol )

*His true self: A fanatical worshiper of Judge Knight

*Irves Armel, The Holy/Saint Knight of Stone, Known to be very stubborn.

*His true self: Excellent to get along with, even a dog want's to approach him.

*Lauren Hades, The Holy/Saint Knight of...Hell? One of the cold blooded member that only follows Sun Knight's order ( Instead of Judge Knight's order ). Known to be a specialist for some unknown covert special mission. Very serious and likes to practice his sword with Judge knight.

*His true self: Was a servant of a necromancer named "Pink", becoming a knight, good at sewing, sweeping the floor etc. Very hard working!

All the descriptions are translated directly by me =^=
English translation of the names from the blog of Yu-wo <(_ _)>


Hell Knight & Sun Knight

Ice Knight & Blaze Knight & Sun Knight

Previous Sun Knight, Neo, & current Sun Knight, Creus.

Sun Knight & Blaze Knight

Blaze Knight & Sun Knight


These are the 12 Holy/Saint knights!

(when they were around 15-18?)

The hemich group

The cold blood group

Little preview/sneak peak of the book!!


The legend of sun knight 1
-The basic knight theory-Synopsis

I am a knight, more correctly, I am the sun knight of the light temple.
The light temple worships the light god.
It is also one of the top three religions of this land.
Everyone knows, the light temple has twelve holy knights. Each one has his own personality and characteristics he is supposed to have.
The sun knight just has to have a hair of gold, sky-blue eyes, merciful personality and a brilliant smile.

"It can only be a knight, huh!
Sigh, thats how it is with a low and cheap life! ”

"The benevolent light god shall forgive your sins"

I, have at least said this sentence a million times in my life.
But, my deepest desire is none other than being able to roar out at the whole world -
To hell with "The whole land knows", THIS sun knight doesn't give a damn 'bout smilling!
I just won't forgive those scums! I just want to say every sentence with the word "FU*K"!!
But, up untill now, I'm still wearing a smile and saying: "The benevolent light god shall forgive your sins."


The Legend of Sun Knight 1
-The basic knight theory- Prologue

This is a land of multiple religions.

Gods, in this world, is no longer something distant and used as a term only to be used when one is screaming for one’s very dear life.

Some gods are weak, of course, when I say weak, I am going by a god’s standards, some of the gods are really quite powerful! Most of a god’s powers comes from their adherents’ belief in them. In short, the amount of power a god has is simply based on how much the people believe in him or her.

So the gods are like gangsters fighting over territory, eager to expand their religion.

But, if the gods randomly used their powers, or get in conflicts with other gods just to expand their godliness, this land will cease to exist soon enough.

And so to prevent this, the most powerful gods signed the ‘Treaty Of The Gods’, all gods are forbidden to use their powers directly on this land, the only way to use one’s powers, is through their adherents.

And so all sorts of religions are blossoming and growing.

The most famous religion is unquestionably the belief of the light god from the light temples. Although after the rising of the chaos god and of the war god, the light temple is not as glorious as it was in the old days, but even when the light religion not as prospered as it was, and their adherents going down in numbers each and every year, still, when one asks of the oldest and most traditional religion, ten out of ten will answer it is the light conviction.

Everyone knows, in the religion of the light god, the most famous is the inheriting generations of the twelve holy knights.

And the most commonly known, by ones who aren’t a worshipper of the sun god, by even three-year-olds, is the believed to be perfect ‘Sun Knight’.

The sun knight, is the leader of the twelve knights, the spokesman of the light god, always wearing a dazzling smile as bright and beautiful as the shining sun, merciful and kind, believes that all men are born kind, and will never give up on saving another ones soul.

And of them all, the 38th is said to be the most perfect one in all, some even say he is the light god reborn himself, his stories would take more than five extra long epics before you can manage to tell them all.

He had sent death knight's back to the abyss, beat evil undying witches, and of course there are also stories of slaying dragons, rescuing princesses, destroying the devil lords….

Yes, the tale this story is about to tell, is the tale of the 38th sun knight.

Now, let us witness his great deeds ourselves — It all starts with when the young 38th sun knight’s and his great teacher, the 37th sun knight’s very first conversation…

“Child, from now on you are the heir to the name of sun knight, if you can endure pain and stay firm to your duties, meet challenges and become more courageous through it all, no matter how bad a hardship or how big a temptation, you may still uphold a knight’s spirit and pride, then on the day you turn a man, you shall take my name as sun knight.”

“Teacher, may I give up and take back my wish to become the new sun knight?”



“Because I forgot to choose a back up.”


translation courtesy from marinamarina @ quizilla <(_ _)>
also beta'd by me and fellow LSK fans! ( for less confusion...)

READ MORE SCANLATION OF THE NOVEL @ Prince Revolution! wordpress

Mind you, "The Legend of Sun Knight" is a light-novel, so it has comedy and easy style of writing...
IF you have any questions or suggestions, please comment here directly or you can send me a message.


Jianibearjianibear on January 5th, 2010 07:40 pm (UTC)
Ua, so cute, I really wanna read this stories ah ;A;
I'll have to start studying Chinese harder instead of being this lazy kid now~
ww all these characterss ♥
Sakuya: deathyurika19x on January 6th, 2010 12:46 am (UTC)
LOL unf thanks bb!! ;3;/
It's worth the try! >u
(Anonymous) on January 10th, 2010 08:58 am (UTC)
Sun knight is my favorites. He's cute,handsome and smart. I like him so much. >
Sakuya: BRSyurika19x on January 10th, 2010 09:53 am (UTC)
Sun Knight indeed is perfect..... before we get to know him personally.
(Anonymous) on January 15th, 2010 06:38 am (UTC)
Yes, the legend of sun knight is a excellent novel and sun knight is handsome as well.
But I want to say "I love Judge Knight most."
Sakuya: kagurayurika19x on January 16th, 2010 11:11 am (UTC)
Hi there^^
yep, sun knight is indeed handsome, judge knight as well =v=
Maya Valentinebladebird on April 1st, 2011 04:00 pm (UTC)
Hey great job on the intros. You gave a lot more than the groups translating it!
dias_03dias_03 on August 25th, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for all the informations =)
I think you just got me addicted to LSK ♥
jess_ie88jess_ie88 on September 15th, 2011 01:47 pm (UTC)
Ehm, kinda bothering me...

Doesn't the true self description of Hell knight is Roland's Bio??

Roland => Sun's Friend that turn into Death Knight.
wenyskokly on February 16th, 2013 06:41 pm (UTC)
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